How To Write A Geography Dissertation Introduction Properly

Writing a geography dissertation, like any other academic paper of this level, is rather difficult. All the sections of the paper should be composed carefully and serve different purposes. The introduction is a very important chapter because it provides the reader with a basic understanding of what to expect from the study. If you compose it poorly, many readers won’t even continue reading your paper.

Tips for Writing the Introduction

  1. Present your topic.
  2. In the first paragraph, you should clearly state the subject of your research. Don’t make the reader wait to learn about this.

  3. Provide the background information.
  4. The next thing to do is to write about the history of your subject. Briefly list the literature related to it and schools of thought that influenced your study.

  5. State your goals.
  6. In the introduction, you should indicate your overall objectives and exact research questions that you’re going to answer in the body of your dissertation. Make sure that your goals are absolutely clear for the reader.

  7. Indicate the significance.
  8. You should explain the reasons for doing this research. Write about the gap in the knowledge that you’ll fill with your study. Indicate who will benefit from your contribution to the development of this field.

  9. Describe your methods.
  10. Next, you should briefly write about the methods that you’ve chosen to achieve your goals. Don’t provide too many details. You’ll have a separate chapter in the body of your paper for this.

  11. Include your hypothesis.
  12. A hypothesis is a prediction or explanation related to some phenomenon. In your case, this relates to the gap in the knowledge that you’re planning to fill. Write about what you’re expecting from your research.

  13. Set the limitations.
  14. Any research has its limits. There are many factors that won’t let you do everything you want with your study. Make sure to inform the reader about the scope of your research beforehand.

  15. Explain the key terms.
  16. Some key terms used in your dissertation might have several different meanings. Indicate what you mean using such terms to avoid ambiguity. If everything is explained in the introduction, the reader won’t be confused reading the body chapters.

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