A List Of Dissertation Topics On Library And Information Science

Your dissertation is the most important project that you will ever have to do. If your professors accepted small mistakes until now, this will end. Your project needs to be impeccable from every point of view, you have to choose a good topic and a great structure and to know how to present the content in front of the audience. It sounds very tricky, especially if you write about library and information science. Save some time and effort by choosing one of these topics:

  • School libraries and future improvements. Let’s be honest: students don’t come to the library most of the time. They think that books are outdated and they can find whatever they want on the Internet. Well, what can we do to change this?
  • Online libraries. In this era of technology, we count on computers to give us what we need. What are the conditions that an online library should fulfill to be really useful and trustworthy? Do you think that people should pay a monthly subscription for this?
  • Ancient libraries. As you already know, there are many famous libraries that existed thousands of years ago. Some of them are transformed into museums, while others disappeared with time. Why not build your project around one of them? For sure some of the storage solutions are extremely innovative, even compared to the modern world.
  • Did we stop reading because of the Internet? We prefer e-book readers instead of books, and search engines instead of a dictionary. Is this a positive or a negative behavior? How will it affect us on the long term?
  • People with disabilities and the new technology. A few years back, it was almost impossible for a blind person to have access to a large volume of information. However, nowadays they can easily access the Internet or they can find what they need in a library. Give some examples of devices that can help them, and how we can improve these devices.
  • How to encourage teenagers to read more? Did you know that if you play classic music in the library people tend to read more than usual? The same thing applies if the walls are painted in a certain color, or if the desks have a certain shape. Theses tricks might not seem like much, but their efficiency is proved and many libraries apply them.