How To Come Up With Interesting Topics For A Master's Thesis Dissertation

Your Master’s dissertation is a piece of research which you will be known for in the scholarly circles. Moreover, this is the first thing that will be considered by your future employers. Thus, it is not surprising that coming up with a Master’s dissertation topic is one of the most important decisions you will make in your professional career. Choosing such topic might seem quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, you can make the job easier for yourself by following a few simple steps

  1. 1. Be bold – choose something new.
  2. Your topic should be interesting, not something that has been written about millions of times before you. Check out interesting ideas at Thesis Helpers blog and think of something new you can bring to the topic. You want your research to make a valuable contribution to the scientific world, not something that will be forgotten the next day after you have presented it. The dissertation should have an interesting take. Even if you research the subject that is old, look at it from the different angle, open up new perspectives. This way, future researchers will want to come back to your paper for help and interesting insight. Summing up, shedding new light on the old issue is the key.

  3. 2. Be excited about the topic you choose.
  4. It will take you a long time to write your Master’s thesis, so it is imperative that you will not lose sight of why you are writing it. Therefore, you yourself should be interested in the issue more than anybody else. Working on such a research is a long and hard work, so your interest is what will keep you going through ups and downs.

  5. 3. The question of your dissertation should not be answered with “yes” or “no”
  6. The topic needs to bring more questions to your mind, so you would want to investigate it further. A simple straightforward answer is not what you are looking for. It needs to motivate your readers to find out more.

  7. 4. Develop the methods together with the theory of your dissertation.
  8. If you need to come up with a new method that would correlate with your topic – do it. Do not choose the easy root or the method that has always been used. Give preference to qualitative methods – they are more challenging and will demonstrate you as a researcher in a good light.

  9. 5. Make sure there is enough material for your research.
  10. It is not only a question of finding an interesting challenging topic. If all you can say in your dissertation is the statement of the problem, then you have probably chosen the wrong one.