What Kind Of Vocabulary Should You Use In A Dissertation?

A dissertation is a serious assignment. You should strictly follow the rules to write a good paper that will impress your committee and earn you a high score. This also applies to the vocabulary that you use in your text. There are words and phrases that you may use without any problems and there is also the vocabulary that you should avoid using in your dissertation.

Words to Use

  1. Include.
  2. The using of the word “include” in your text helps you highlight a few items from a large list. This makes your reader see the most important items and also understand that there are much more items in the list at the same time.

  3. For example.
  4. This phrase can also help you highlight some fact. Another way to use this phrase is to illustrate the themes that come from qualitative data.

  5. Likely to.
  6. By using such phrases like “likely to”, “seem to”, or “appear to”, you present your information cautiously. Often, you cannot state something for sure in your study, so these phrases might be very helpful.

  7. Synonyms.
  8. You’re likely to repeat some terms in your text. To make your paper less monotonous and more interesting, you may use synonyms of frequently repeated terms. For example, with the word “research”, the synonyms are “investigation”, “enquiry”, “exploration”, and so on.

Words to Avoid

  1. Hopefully.
  2. “Hope” is not a word that describes a researcher. You may expect, aim, intend, or anticipate, but no hope.

  3. Prove.
  4. The problem with different types of research is that they rarely really prove something. If you want to use the word “prove”, it’s advisable to replace it with “indicate”, “demonstrate”, or “suggest”.

  5. Significant.
  6. This word might have a special technical meaning related to the relationships between sets of quantitative data in your research. In general, it’s advisable to replace it with such words like “meaningful” or “important.”

  7. Ensure.
  8. This word means to make something certain. As was explained above, you can rarely be certain about anything in your research.

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