Useful Tips for Finding a Dissertation Example on Economics

Completing a dissertation in economics requires a lot of support and guidance. Part of this guidance comes from having a good example. The example helps you to craft a good topic, write a strong thesis statement, develop testable hypothesis, cite appropriately and format, among other crucial aspects of writing. It also helps you to create an image of how your final paper will appear. Finding a good sample is the challenge. Here are tips to make your search easier.

Search in the Right Places

There are numerous samples available on the internet and other places. However, their quality is not assured. Only a sample gotten from the right place comes with the guarantee of quality. Consider the following sources when searching for the sample

  • From your supervisor- the supervisor and his committee are mandated to provide the resources you need to complete your work successfully. This includes examples of the dissertation you are expected to produce. They understand your topic and are well exposed to provide the right examples.
  • Check from the Library- libraries stock a variety of materials. These materials are thoroughly vetted to guarantee quality. Request the assistance of your librarian to get a quality sample.
  • Go online- the internet will provide any example you want regardless of formatting style or topic. Some are free to download while others have to be purchased. Find a reputable writing agency to buy from.

Get the Right Example

The right example is one that closely resembles what you are expected to produce. The resemblance should be in terms of formatting style, presentation, language, etc. Consult your supervisor and understand the instructions given. You will be in a position to identify a good example from low quality ones.

Do Not Copy From the Example

The example is only meant to assist you through the writing process and not to be copied. Copying from the example will be regarded as plagiarism unless a citation is made. Consider the comments made on the example and use them to craft your own paper.

Consider Instructions by Your Supervisor and Department

There are unique instructions given by supervisors and the department regarding dissertations. These instructions must be implemented. They regard formatting style, length, reference materials and structure, among other issues. Failure to observe these instructions will put you at logger heads and will cause the department to decline your dissertation. Consult your supervisor as regular as possible.