How To Come Up With Great Dissertation Ideas On Climate Change

When you are trying to come up with ideas to write your dissertation on, it can be very hard. You know that whatever topic that you choose to write about has to have a significant amount of data on and needs to be original. You will need to add knowledge to the field of study, so that means that your topic has to be original. Here are some tips on how to come up with a great topic on climate change.

Gather your resources

You need to start by gathering some resources on climate change. Try to find ones that are more general in nature, so that they talk about a variety of different factors as it relates to the main topic. Once you have your resources gathered, you will know whether or not the topic in itself is a good one. If there isn’t much to write about on the main topic, then you will need to make sure to use that as your main topic and get resources in a larger field.

Read through the sources

Start reading through the resources to get an idea of what they are about and of a central theme that you can start to use as your main topic. During this stage in the process, you will make sure to just read and not to take notes. You can always come back for that. You can however read the source in its entirety and then write down a short blurb on what it is all about, so that you can remember it later when you are taking notes.

Jot down some common themes

Now that you have read a substantial amount of information on the topic, you can start writing down some themes that were common in many of the sources. One of the themes that you write down will become the start of your topic. You will want to make sure that you discuss a factor of that theme that is original. For example, perhaps you can study to see whether a different theory caused the climate to change.

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