Basic Characteristics Of An Excellent Doctoral Dissertation

Your doctoral dissertation is the crowning achievement of your academic career. It not only culminates your entire academics, it also paves the way for your future job prospects. An excellent dissertation is what you should be aiming for. There are many characteristics it should encompass. They are listed for you with an explanation below. Many hours go into making a stellar doctoral dissertation. Think of the burden of stress that would be lifted from your shoulders if you had the assistance of an expert dissertation writer at your fingertips. If this appeals to you, try out this agency.

An excellent doctoral dissertation has these characteristics:

  1. It must be original. The research question you have posed must be authentic and new. You can take a previously done topic and make it new by using a different methodology, or changing something else.
  2. It should show you have done extensive reading relevant to your topic.
  3. You should show an understanding and firm knowledge of related themes.
  4. The research must be able to collect data and evidence in an organized and systematic fashion which can then be measured or interpreted either qualitatively or quantitatively.
  5. Presentation of data and evidence in an accurate and appropriate manner.
  6. Critical thinking of the issues surrounding the project. Ability to raise issues and discuss them critically and logically. This goes far beyond simply presenting findings as they are.
  7. An ability to do effective reporting and presenting of data using graphs, charts, etc.
  8. Follow expected academic conventions. Use appropriate style guides assigned to your field of study.
  9. Be objective and present your thoughts and evidence clearly and concisely.
  10. All references are correctly presented, style is consistent throughout the paper.

When all these points have been met, above all make sure your work has been professionally edited and proofread. Many great papers sink to the bottom because of simple grammar and spelling errors which could have been easily corrected. This one step adds a lot of polish and shine to your work and presents it as being professional.

Your paper should also be submitted on time, and in a suitable format. You may be required to submit a printed and bound book as well as an electronic copy. Follow all the requirements set out by your committee and supervisor. Each college has its own particular set of rules for submission.