25 Excellent Ideas For Your Dissertation On Youth

There are numerous ideas for a dissertation on the youth. However, not all are compelling enough to make your paper strong. Some are outdated while others have been studied for years. There is a possibility of selecting a topic in an area where research materials are not available. All these factors call for careful choice of a topic for you paper on the youth.

  1. Impact of social media on youth socialization
  2. Increasing the levels of political awareness among the youth
  3. A growing trend of entrepreneurship among the youth
  4. The youth and understanding of international issues
  5. The internet and its influence on the relationship between parents and the youths
  6. Religious consciousness and participation among young people
  7. Environmental consciousness among youths
  8. The impact of celebrities on fashion and lifestyle in youths
  9. Changing career choices and the influencing factors
  10. Drug abuse and the age factor
  11. Changing position of academic choices among the youths
  12. The role of the youth in nation building
  13. Racial consciousness and how it is affected by age
  14. Health consciousness among young people
  15. The culture of saving in youths
  16. A global perspective on different issues and the age factor
  17. The youth and the feeling of independence
  18. Age and the propensity to engage in dangerous activities
  19. Inner City Communities and their benefit to the youth
  20. Youth and their perception of the future
  21. The problem with the American youth
  22. Dealing with the youth of today
  23. The search for eternal youthfulness
  24. The best after school programs for the youth today
  25. The role of the youth in present day violence

It is not enough to choose a good topic for your dissertation on the youth. A good paper requires the following:-

  • Adequate planning- develop a plan that indicates what you will do from the moment the instructions are issued to the day you hand in your final copy.
  • Extensive research- read widely to get data and existing ideas about the youth. This will enrich your arguments and make them interesting to read.
  • Strong arguments- ensure that the points you choose to include in your paper are the strongest possible. Present them in a simple way that makes it easy to understand.

Ensure that your main idea is captured strongly in the title, introduction, thesis statement and conclusion. Provide data and citations to support any claim that you make. Consult your supervisor in case you experience difficulty selecting the right topic.