How To Overcome Dissertation Panic: Advice From An Expert

The idea of writing a dissertation causes panic among many students. This needs not be the case. Experts have provided easy solutions that have been proven to offer excellent results. They are applicable when writing papers in different disciplines and academic levels.

Start Early

Immediately you are provided with the instructions to write your dissertation, begin the process. Develop a timetable that captures your daily, weekly and monthly engagements. Allocate time for research, consultation, field work, etc, as may be required by your paper. Do not assume that the many months ahead will not come to an end. Every day means that the deadline is moving closer.


Panic when writing your dissertation is likely to arise because you lack a clue of where to begin and how to do it. Seek the guidance of graduated seniors, your supervisor, colleagues or other academicians in your department. They will direct you on credible sources of research materials, writing format, presentation of ideas, etc. You may also consult experts who are available through online writing bureaus and agencies. Do not waste time with a concept or process that you cannot understand.

Read Widely

Lack of materials is a major cause of anxiety when writing your dissertation. You will be unable to construct an appropriate title, subtopics or fill some sections. This challenge can be overcome through extensive reading. It opens up your mind to the numerous possibilities available in your area of interest and provides the materials you need to compile your paper. Literature review will be easier to complete if you have read widely.

Use Templates And Samples

The format and presentation of a dissertation may cause panic despite having the best arguments and ideas. The best way to overcome this challenge is to use a template or sample. The samples provide a step by step guide beyond giving you an idea of how your final paper will appear. Credible sources of samples include the library, from your department or from your supervisor. The wrong sample will compromise the quality of your work.


It will take several months to complete your dissertation. Take time off your books and free your mind from time to time. A relaxed mind is able to think faster and produce excellent arguments. Fatigue will cause panic which lowers the quality of your work.

Like any other academic paper, a dissertation will cause anxiety. Be ready to take the pressure without breaking or affecting your quality of work. Whenever pressure builds up, take time off and deal with its source.