Inventing Fresh Dissertation Topics Related To Banking: Basic Tips

If you need to write a dissertation related to banking, you could be struggling to choose the right area to use as your topic. Banking and finance, of course, have so many avenues you could explore, and yet it may still seem like you are unable to come up with any fresh ideas. Well, I’m afraid I can’t give you a fresh idea in itself, for then it would not be fresh! What I can do is give you some ideas to come up with a fresh one yourself!

  • Research past student papers to see what the hot topics, and not so hot topics, have been.
  • According to Thesis Geek, there is no point in picking an obscure subject just because it hasn’t been explored much. Popular subjects in banking are popular for a reason: people are interested in them and/or they are relative to important finance factors. If you pick a little known topic, or one of little interest, you’re not only going to make your reader lose interest, you’ll also struggle to find the numerous different resources that you’ll need to create a good dissertation. Therefore it’s much better to pick a specific pocket of a popular subject within banking, or one that is emerging or new.
  • Finding a brand new subject that isn’t of little interest may sound like a challenge, but it’s not. There has always been innovation within banking as much as any other sector, and with the modern day improvements being made all the time, due to the new digital age, there should be plenty of new areas to look at that will not only hold your reader’s attention, but also go way beyond! With technology playing such a rapidly changing part, this is an area that can always be looked at with fresh perspective.
  • Another area that is constantly changing, and therefore could be discussed with freshness, is the instability of the global market, with key countries rising or falling and the impact this has on the economy. The Middle East is certainly one area to look towards when approaching this matter.
  • Of course, the topic itself doesn’t have to be new. You can come up with a fresh perspective of an old or popular subject instead.

Here are a few topic ideas to get you started:

  • The future of combatting fraud in online finance.
  • Islamic banking.
  • The rise of internet rates and the effects it is having on banks.
  • Can ethical banking make a profit?
  • In the wake of Bitcoin, is a digital currency feasible?