5 Important Elements of the Dissertation Writing Format

When you have been awarded your Bachelor’s degree, and you plan on staying in the educational system, the next degree is the Master’s Degree. There will be a paper required for this step, the dissertation. If you have never written one before, it can be daunting. You will have a faculty advisor to guide you through the process. There are several important steps in the project that you must know.

5 Important Elements in the Dissertation Writing Format

  1. The Important Abstract-in around 150 to 225 words, you will summarize the piece. It goes after the title page, and it includes your statement of purpose. It is actually composed after you finish all of your research, surveys, case studies, tests, and conclusions.
  2. The Enticing Introduction-this part sets up the piece. It runs about two pages in length and it should be enticing and informative. It needs to state your thesis and your main points. It is a nice spot for explanations of your choices and your methods. It gives you aims, you research and explorations, and your intended structure of the paper. This of it as an outline in sentence structure that stays in a general structure.
  3. The Methods Section-this part will explain your methodology. It will be time for you to decide whether to use an empirical or non-empirical style. There is a difference that should be discussed in this part of the paper. The faculty review will be looking for this to be mentioned in this part.
  4. Your Conclusion-this end piece will close the door on your paper. Do not get carried away and re-tell everything. It is very general and it skims an over-view of your paper. You are summarizing, giving your findings, and finishing the piece.
  5. All References-you will need to refer to your college, your department, and your structure (such as MLA or APA) to complete this section. There are very specific directions given by these three different bodies that you will need in order to do this correctly. This section must be very accurate and it is suggested that you use a citation-making tool and that you work on this sheet as you go. You can add a reference each time you use it in the project. It is imperative that each source is listed. This method is less overwhelming.