15 Potential Undergraduate Dissertation Topics On The Vietnam War

As a student that is taking up a course in history, one of the most common things that you will have to discuss in class is war. Of course war is not a good thing. However, there are significant wars in our history that shaped the world as we know it today. These are wars that actually happened and in the process they helped in giving us the perspective of the world we have today. One of these wars is the Vietnam War. So much has been said about it, and it is important for u to visit this in history and understand more about it. You can get to do this by coming up with amazing topics for your undergraduate dissertation as we will share with you herein:

  1. Discuss how the communist forces in Vietnam were more successful against wealthier opponents
  2. Discuss the structure of the Vietnamese foreign rule
  3. Explain the impact of the Tet Offensive on politics in America
  4. Discuss how the US foreign policy changed after the Vietnam War
  5. Explain some of the main reasons why the Vietnam war was inevitable
  6. Discuss the strategies that were used by Nixon in the war
  7. Compare and contrast the tactics used by Johnson and Nixon during this war
  8. Discuss the main agenda that the government of Vietnam had in the course of the war
  9. What was the driving force behind the American government in this war?
  10. Consider and discuss the role that was played by the media in the war
  11. Discuss how public opinion was used to influence events during the war
  12. What are some of the milestones that have been attained by those who run anti-war campaigns in the US since the war in Vietnam?
  13. Discuss the effectiveness of guerilla warfare in the course of the Vietnam war
  14. Explain some important reasons why it was impossible for America to emerge victorious in Vietnam
  15. Explain the significance of the Vietnam War to the world today. Discuss any lessons that were learned from there, which can come in handy in the society today.

When you go through these topics, you are supposed to see how easy it is to come up with one. You can then follow the same concept when you are asked to come up with one of your own.