A Selection Of Marine Biology Dissertation Ideas To Explore

Marine biology is a diverse topic and makes for interesting dissertation topic. At the same time marine biology is a vast subject and a generic paper will not be of much interest to average reader. If you want to impress your professor you will have to come up with something more specific and a topic that allows for more detailed research. You will have to select something that is unique and original. Without the right topic you cannot hope to make your paper stand out from the rest. Here are is a list of few topics to help you make up your mind.

The advantages of a proper idea

The world under the sea is vast and mighty. There are so many different creatures and different ecosystems. The creatures have evolved over thousands of years and even when science has made progress over so many years, many things still remain unexplored. There are creatures under the depths of the sea that have not been catalogued or there are different water chemistries which have not been explained. The dissertation is a valuable contribution to marine biology and hence you will have to work on something that has not been covered before.

List of ideas to work on:

  • The rarest mollusks found at the bottom of the sea.
  • What makes the mantis shrimp different from the other invertebrates?
  • Describing the process of coral formation and coral mating
  • The adaptability shown by lion fish and how it is endangering the ecosystem
  • How have the seas and oceans adapted to the growing levels of pollution.
  • The process of creating sea water at home for aquaria and how effective is it?
  • Can corals be harvested in a sustainable environment?
  • The best attribute of an octopus. How have they evolved over the centuries? Is it the most intelligent creature living in the sea?
  • How does marine biology draw parallel with the evolution of species?
  • Illustrate the part played by planktons in the marine ecosystem.
  • Describe the reason why marine fishes and invertebrates are so much more colorful?
  • Describe the reproduction process of moray eel
  • The various adaptations by the fishes living in the depths of the sea
  • Some of the creatures found at the very bottom of the sea and how have they adapted to the lack of sunlight?
  • Lifecycle of a fish, that migrates from the sea to freshwater for spawning. Give reason for the behavior.

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