A Quick Guide To Writing The Dissertation Literature Review

There is a lot that goes into writing the literature review for your paper. More often than not we find a lot of students who do not really pay attention to the finer details when they are writing such a paper. For your dissertation, the literature review is the second chapter. This is the part where you analyze some literature that has been available with respect to the subject that you are studying. It is important for you to know how to handle this or you will struggle to impress your teacher when they are marking your work.

For you to get a good chance at acing your dissertation, you must pay special attention to this particular section. This will make your work relatively easier, considering that a lot of marks are often awarded for this chapter. The following are some brilliant ideas that will give you a really easy time as you are working on this paper:

  • Focus on some good research
  • Use relevant sources
  • Cite your resources

Focus on some good research

It is important for you to make sure that you do proper research which will go a very long way in making sure that you can ace this paper. This section does carry a lot of marks, and you will have to focus on that as you think about how much content you need to include here.

With proper research you will be in a good position to unravel a lot of information, which will also come in handy for you over the long haul.

Use relevant sources

The resources that you use in this chapter are supposed to be relevant. Do not make the mistake of using sources which are either outdated or for some reason are irrelevant to your work. Your teachers will easily take note of this and the effect on your marks will be terrible.

Cite your resources

This is the other thing that a lot of students never recognize. When you are working on this chapter, you must never forget to cite your sources. This is one of the most incredible ways of getting you to prove that you really know what you are doing. Citations must be done in the manner that is suggested in your instructions. When you are through with this, take some time and proofread your paper before you send it in for marking.