A List Of Great Dissertation Writing Ideas On Health And Social Care

So, you need to write a great dissertation on health and social care but don’t know where to begin. Am I right? Well, with a little time and devotion, you are bound to succeed. If you need a helping hand in the right direction, here’s a list of ideas for writing a great health and social care dissertation:

  • First off, you need to pick a good subject. There are obviously a huge number of ideas that you could look at, so it’s best to choose something you’re interested in and which you already know something about. Make a list of ideas that interest you.
  • Before you begin writing, you need to research your chosen health and social care issue. Be sure to gather all the information you’ll need, and make plenty of notes as you do so. Remember that the research is just as important as the writing.
  • Start off by planning your dissertation. Work out what information you want to include, how many chapters you’ll need, what the themes will be… and all other relevant information. Make a list so you can see things clearly.
  • Leave writing your introduction until last. Once you’ve already written your essay, it will be a lot easier to know which key points to raise in the introduction.
  • The chapters should explore the health and social care topic you have selected. Make sure that you include plenty of references to back up your claims.
  • The conclusion should briefly restate the purpose of the thesis and remind the reader of the aims and objectives set out in the introduction. It should then summarize all the main points of the essay and conclude in a relevant manner.
  • The introduction should open with the broad subject at hand – such as: individuals with autism – before narrowing down to the specific issue to be discussed – such as: is enough being done in schools to help autistic children? State aims and objectives and what conclusions may be reached.
  • Write a first draft.
  • You should then re-read and re-edit as much as is possible. Pay attention to sentence structure, format requirements, correct annotation of sources, spelling, grammar etc. and you’re bound to end up with a great paper.
  • The more time you can devote to editing and proofing, the more highly polished your work will be.
  • When re-reading in the editing process, try reading it from someone else’s perspective. Pretend that you are your teacher or father, for instance. Read it through as you imagine they would and you might be surprised at how objective you become. You could perhaps spot a glaring mistake, or an irrelevant tangent of thought, that you had completely overlooked the first three times round!

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