10 Basic Things You Need To Know About APA Format Dissertation Citations

The APA style of presenting a paper has been around since the 1920s. It's basically an agreed way in which you to display the different aspects of material in a scientific paper. Obviously anybody writing an essay or dissertation will refer to research material they have used to substantiate the point or points they make in their writing. This is where the citation section comes into being. At the end of your piece of writing you need to cite the source of your quotation or research material

You should also understand that the APA rules are flexible. For instance, because many people now refer to digital material including online videos, there are new ways to make a citation of such material.

Here are some important tips in making sure your APA format dissertation citation is correct.

  1. Always refer to the work of anyone whose ideas have influenced your work even if you are not quoting specifically from that person.
  2. Take notes as you research your writing so that you will not miss a citation so as to avoid plagiarism.
  3. The APA style for references means you use the surname followed by the date of the author concerned.
  4. Remember that you will have a brief citation in the body of your work followed by a more detailed citation at the end.
  5. If you make more than one reference to the same source, then the identical citation within the text will apply.
  6. If there is more than one author responsible for the quotation, then you will include each surname and in alphabetical order.
  7. With subsequent citations inside the text, you only use the first surname and date.
  8. When you quote from a group or organization or institution, you must give the full name of that organization. Subsequent citations can use abbreviations.
  9. In all text citations, alphabetical order will always apply.
  10. All citations must be listed in the reference list at the end of your dissertation.

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your citation use is complete and correct is to read the latest guide to APA style and format. Your school or college will almost certainly have a copy of the latest edition and there are dozens of web sites which clearly detail the APA requirements. Once you know the format, it is easy to apply same in future writing.